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Scale up your online business

Virtualisers provides comprehensive digital consulting and management services. We like to believe we’ve been active in the reinvention business since 2002. Virtualisers is capable of analysing a companies’ product, marketing & technology strategy and to translate them into tangible services. We deliver a hands-on approach to boost your online development. We are used to serve start-ups & scale-ups with proven success recipes. For challenging IT projects, we also offer our agile project management expertise to speed up you digital project delivery, while reducing the risk. To sharpen our MVP-skills we run a number of stealth projects on the side.. If you’re lucky to have stumbled upon one of our “underdeveloped” projects, you may reach out to discuss early partnership opportunities or pivots too.

Digital strategy0%
Lean business model & canvas generation0%
User experience design0%
User interface design0%
Application architecture & coding0%
Marketing & growth hacking0%

Fire up your business

If you’re an online retailer, your reputation is important. Bridge comes in handy as it helps you keep track of your reputation and helps you improve it. Their website is filled with thick and big typography as well as colorful icons and


What our clients say

Spin-off platform

Virtualisers is used as a legal entity to structure, launch, develop and pivot early-stage internet ventures as Minimum Viable Products (MVP). Depending on the stage of these MVP-initiatives, we are open to discuss partnership opportunities with interested and knowledgeable third-parties.

Timely delivery

We adhere to the “Need to get it done? Give it to a busy person”-approach. We know how to prioritise, which also means we’re very picky on accepting new customers 🙂

Ideation experts

Challenge our neurons and pick our entrepreneurial brains.

Scale and thrive

Let us help you scale your internet business. From operational optimisation to clever marketing campaigns.

Latest company news


Virtualisers always starts to schematise your goal on a single napkin to jointly doodle what you’re trying to achieve. Strategic thinking drives organisations and strategic planning puts that thinking into action as described in the 5 Ps of Strategy by Henry Mintzberg (dated back to pre-internet 1987).


The average number of post-its we need to fill the 9 elements of your Business Model Canvas. On a side note: we appreciate jokes in base 13, especially if they can cover computation and modelling errors in our “Deep Thought” machine learning platform 🙂


The number of customer interviews we typically do to validate the first iteration of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for 2 personas. We aim for MVPs with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.


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