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Hire us for the right investments in people, systems & processes to make your long-term growth sustainable.
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Demand &
lead gen

Fire up your business

Whether you’re an online retailer, market place or Software-as-a-Service business our services will come in handy to accelerate your growth and improve customer satisfaction. Avoid typcial ‘digital transformation’-pitfalls and team up with our expert who truly understand lead generation.

Scale &

Once you hit
product market fit

Let us help you scale your internet business once your product & services satisfied paying customers. From operational optimisation to cost efficient marketing campaigns, we help you to generate strong demand and organise your processes and platforms for growth.


Need a master of ceremony or moderator?

We help you organise (tech related) conferences and deliver hands-on support from ideation over marketing to ‘master of ceremony’ roles in Englisch, Dutch and French. We also brief speakers and panelists up front to cater to your specific audience and maximise engagement.

Why Us?

How we do it

Perfect never gets done

Done is better than perfect

We adhere to the “Need to get a complex task done? Give it to a busy person!”-doctrine. We know how to prioritise. This also means we are very picky on accepting new customers for ambitious projects..

Results-Oriented Solutions

Scale up your online business

Our “unfair advantage” is that some executives from out team have been running internet ventures since 1995. We don’t come to learn on the “paid job”, but to speed up your execution, by avoiding common pitfalls by building upon decades of experience..

Spin-off platform

MVP launchpad

Virtualisers is also used as a legal entity to structure, launch, develop and pivot early-stage internet ventures as so-called Minimum Viable Products (MVP). Depending on the stage of these experiments, we are open to discuss partnership opportunities and M&A transactions with interested and knowledgeable third-parties.


Case studies

About Us

Who we are

We like to believe we’ve been active in the reinvention business since 2002.

Looking for a decisive factor to boost your business success too?

Virtualisers provides comprehensive digital consulting and management services. Virtualisers is capable of analysing a companies’ product, marketing & technology strategy and to translate them into tangible services and SaaS platforms. We deliver a hands-on approach to boost your online development. We are used to serve start-ups & scale-ups with proven success recipes. For challenging IT projects, we also offer our agile project management expertise to speed up you digital project delivery, while reducing the risk. We organise and moderate tech events about the latest trends FinTech, RegTech, LegalTech and PropTech..

To sharpen our MVP-skills we run a number of stealth projects on the side.. If you’re lucky to have stumbled upon one of our “underdeveloped” projects or domains, you may reach out to discuss early partnership opportunities or pivots too.

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